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Hair Transplant Candidates

If you’ve decided to go down the route of a hair transplant, please bear in mind that the success of surgery depends on many factors.  Before you read on about the transplant solutions available to you, it’s worth asking: what makes an ideal candidate for surgery?

Are you a candidate for surgery?

Any reputable hair consultant or surgeon will discuss the following factors with you:

  1. General good health
    Candidates for surgery should be in general good health.  Remember, hair transplantation is an invasive procedure that involves local anaesthetic and a period of recovery time.  Individuals should discuss with their hair consultant any health problems and/or current medication before considering hair transplant surgery.

  2. Male hair transplantRoll over to view the after shotAge and stage of hair loss
    It is typically young men with hair loss in their 20s who want to regain a full head of hair.  However, genetic hair loss is gradual and will continue beyond your 20s – so it would be counter-productive to invest in a transplant too early.  Our experienced consultants will assess your stage of hair loss and recommend the next course of action.

  3. Amount/quality of hair in the donor area
    The most significant factor that will determine the success of a hair transplant is the amount and quality of ‘donor’ hair.  By that, we mean the density and volume of your existing, natural hair.  Since the procedure involves taking follicles from a strip of this donor hair and transplanting it elsewhere, it’s important that donor hair is strong, healthy and will naturally re-grow within a normal timeframe without any problems.

  4. Ability to manage expectations
    With any surgery of a cosmetic nature, it’s vital that you can manage your expectations of the outcome.  While hair transplant surgery can restore a great deal of hair loss, it is unnatural for an individual in his/her 50s to have the hair volume and density of a teenager.  Furthermore, as the years go by, hair should naturally thin.  A hair transplant is an excellent solution to hair restoration provided it looks realistic – and age appropriate…!