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Summer care for replacement hair

With summer here (supposedly), we’re looking forward to the good weather.  The sun is out; temperatures are rising; you’re probably spending more time outdoors…. This all sounds ideal – but what if you wear a wig?  Is there anything you can be doing to make sure you protect your wig but still enjoy yourself?  The short answer is yes!  In our (60+ years’) experience, wigs should be treated exactly like skin.  In other words, wear protection if you’re out in the sun.  A scarf, hat or baseball cap will do – and those made with natural fibres (silk, cotton) are great because they create less friction on synthetic hair, preventing fibres from fraying.  Unless you wear a real hair wig, avoid submersing your head in the sea as salt can reduce hair quality and colour.  If you’re going to be out in the sun for prolonged periods, use a specially-formulated sun protection spray.  You might also want to apply extra conditioner, available to buy here.  From a practical point of view, many individuals choose a lighter coloured hair piece or ladies wig in a shorter, easier-to-manage style for summertime.  If you need any hair or hair loss advice, get in touch with at A&A Studios, a leading hair loss clinic, today – that’s if you’re not too busy enjoying the sun!

Sun hat hair

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If Hair Could Talk ...

Imagine if hair could talk - what kind of health would yours be in and what would it say?  Many people are not aware that a great deal of information about an individual’s health Hair Microscopecan be gleaned from one tiny strand of hair.  For instance, hair is essentially made of protein – so generally speaking, the higher the protein level in your hair, the healthier hair is.  However, hair strands can also reveal hormone levels, whether or not you smoke, how healthy your diet is and so on. Resident trichologist Karen Harrison is a medically-qualified expert in this area and, by inspecting hair under the microscope, can help anyone with hair and scalp problems or hair loss treatment.  If you are at all concerned about your hair health, make an appointment with A&A today. The sooner you get help, the sooner your hair will say ‘thank you’…

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So the shops are fully stocked with Christmas items, the lights are already up across many high streets and the party season is almost upon you.  It’s enough to make you want to recoil in horror – where did the year go?! 

However, November is a good excuse to start prepping for all the socialising in December.  If, like us, you haven’t quite lost the weight you were planning to by Christmas, then it’s time to Party lashesshift the focus and GET GLAM in other ways!  We at A&A just love all things hair and make-up so why not treat yourself to some of our glorious party lashes.

Our extensive, unique range of Grimas lashes are the perfect way to add some sparkle to your ensemble – and they’re exclusive too. Check out the full range here jewel-crusted, feathered, beaded, multi-coloured….there’s something for every glamourpuss out there!

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