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Men’s Hair Replacement: Did You Know...?

Men's Hair Replacement at A&A Studios

With summer officially upon us, it feels good to get out and about in the sunshine (when it appears!).  However, if you’re male and at all concerned about the appearance of your hair, then spending more time socialising or participating in outdoor activities might not be as enjoyable as it could be.  At A&A Studios Hair Clinic, we don’t just offer hair loss treatments, we offer hair replacement systems that are incredibly natural-looking, durable and allow you to lead a full and active life.  With our unique systems, you can ride in an open top car, go swimming, play sports on a beach – in fact, the possibilities are endless!  If you’re looking for advice, we recommend you visit us as soon as your hair becomes a concern to you.  Contact us for a FREE initial appointment.


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Men's Hair Loss - A&A on YouTube!

Have you seen our brand new men's hair loss video on YouTube?  It shows the incredible transformation of one client who opted for a custom-made men's hair system.  A&A's Mark Theurer, head of the men's hair replacement service, has 40 years' experience of helping men overcome hair loss.  He is able to design, create and cut men's bespoke hair systems.  Not only can Mark help restore your hair, he also understands the need to restore confidence so that you can lead a happy, active life.  If your hair is becoming a concern, and you'd like to overcome your hair loss problem, get in touch with A&A Studios hair clinic today.

Men's Hair Replacement at A&A Studios


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Help with long term hair loss

Alopecia – or patchy hair loss – is an increasingly common hair loss condition.  It can affect anyone at any time and can strike perfectly healthy individuals, regardless of age and status.  Alopecia has various degrees of severity – from small bald spots to total hair loss all over the body.  It can be extremely stressful and, as yet, there is no cure.  However, if you want to restore your previous appearance, there have been significant advances in hair technology and hair pieces.  Follea create real hair, custom-made wigs.  This luxury range of ladies wigs is especially for those with total hair loss on the scalp.  Each product is made using the highest quality of materials and hair is soft and silky.  Special, innovative features have been added to products to make sure that security and a realistic appearance are optimised.  These really are outstanding products and we recommend them to anyone with alopecia.  If you’d like to find out more about this unique and potentially life-transforming range, contact us today.

Follea Luxury Group

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