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How much do we love actress Charlize Theron’s hairstyles? She rarely makes a misstep and her recent appearance at The Globen Globes won her widespread praise for best dressed female. We particularly love the way she wears her hair – gentle curls loosely pinned back with a jewelled headband for that perfect finishing touch.

Ms Theron’s hairstyle is exactly the sort of approach we at A&A advocate – a gentle style that doesn’t tug on the hair follicles. While scraped back ponytails are OK every now and then, we much prefer a style that only uses a bit of product and a few pins. It’s much, much healthier for your hair! So next time you want hi-fashion, take a leaf out of Charlize Theron’s book and go for something low key with an added accessory…



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We all know that nuts are an excellent source of protein – and protein is the stuff that helps your hair grow! Nuts are packed to the brim with protein and zinc which help strengthen and add shine to your hair. Brazil nuts, walnuts and almonds are particularly rich in nutrients.

So, as we move into warmer weather (we hope!), make some changes to your diet and carry a portion of mixed nuts with you. Your hair – and your health – will thank you for it!


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We wanted to let you know about a fantastic website for young people with alopecia called Headz Up run by the charity Alopecia UK. Headz Up is packed with stories, information and advice for young people experiencing hair loss.

headz up It’s sometimes the case that young people lack the resources they need to cope with hair loss – that’s why we offer a bespoke service for Young people and it’s why we think Headz Up is a great idea. If you know a young person with alopecia, tell them about our services and the site today…


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