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Alopecia - more common than you think?

A&A Studios can help those with alopecia

At A&A Studios, we see many different types of hair loss and different degrees of the problem. Some clients experience mild hair thinning, other patchy hair loss and others total hair loss. What is constant however is that the number of those with hair loss is increasing. While causes differ, the most common are genetic, medical treatment, auto-immune disorders and stress. For instance, alopecia is affecting very young children to the older generation. As a leading UK hair loss clinic, A&A Studios offers a wide range of hair replacement solutions delivered by specially trained hair loss experts. No hair loss problem is too big or small for us to approach.  In fact, a lot of our hair restoration services aren't available elsewhere.  All we ask is: the sooner you realise there's a problem, the sooner you should contact us. That way, we're in a better position to help you. The truth is, if you’re experiencing a form of alopecia, you are definitely not alone. A&A Studios is ready and willing to help you today.


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Your feedback on A&A hair loss clinic

A&A Studios welcomes feedback on hair loss servicesA&A Studios is one of the UK's largest hair loss clinics. Every year, we help a great number of clients overcome hair loss - whether the problem is short-term (e.g. cancer treatment) or long-term (e.g. alopecia).  Despite helping clients for over sixty years now, we are very aware that no two clients are the same.  Each hair loss problem is utterly unique and we never underestimate the expectations and hope of each client.  That's why we strive to offer the most effective hair replacement and restoration solutions.  From hair advice and medical trichology assessments, to transplants, to hair pieces and wigs, our services are vast.  But we also know there's always room for improvement - and that's where you come in.  We'd love to hear your comments, suggestions, feedback or ideas!  Is there anything you'd like to see?  Any products you want?  Please send your feedback via our contact form here.  Thank you in advance - with your help, we can better help you.



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Serving the NHS and meeting hair loss needs

Did you know that we’re one of the UK’s largest providers of wigs to NHS patients?  In fact, we first began supplying NHS patients with wigs when the health service was created in 1948!  We’re not just letting you know this for the sake of it.  The truth is, we feel privileged, yet again, to be selected as a NHS supplier.  In order to continue serving the NHS and its patients, A&A hair loss clinic needs to uphold high standards of quality products, service and patient care. We strive to improve our standards year after year.  So if you’re looking for a hair replacement service or hair loss treatment, whoever you are and regardless of age, please be assured that at A&A has the experience and knowledge to help you.  We offer free consultations so please get in touch and find out how our NHS experience can benefit you.

A&A - Serving NHS and meeting hair loss needs

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