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More Hair Replacement Choices

It’s always our aim to bring you the latest hair replacement products and hair loss treatment solutions.  Recently, Trendco's Technical Director Jane Kelly spent two days in Edinburgh bringing the A&A’s network of agents up to date with new techniques, methods and new alternatives to human hair.  At A&A hair clinic, we understand that every hair loss problem is different which is why we also offer a custom-made service – but it’s not just for real hair products.  Your custom-made could be in Cyberhair or Vital hair – excellent, cost-effective alternatives to human hair.  So if you’d like to find out more – and choose a cost-effective wig in your own shade and style, get in touch with us today.

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New Shop for Teenage Cancer Trust!

We’re big supporters of Teenage Cancer Trust and are proud to be their main suppliers of real hair wigs to young people with hair loss.  The charity is tireless in its efforts to raise money for young people facing cancer and undergoing cancer treatment.  So it’s great news that TCT has just opened its first store, packed with fab merchandise to help boost donations.  We love these wristbands, available in black or purple to buy today.  Show your support and shop here

And if you know a young person facing hair loss, please get in touch with our hair loss treatment centre.  Our specially-trained youth experts can help you today – contact us or find out more here.

A&A Studios supports Teenage Cancer Trust



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Advice for those with hair loss

Millions of people across the UK will experience hair loss at some in their lives.  Hair loss can affect anyone, at any time, regardless of age or gender.  We help many, many adults and children who are just beginning their journey and coping with hair loss caused by e.g. a medical condition or cancer treatment.  While no two problems are the same and every client is wholly unique, there are some shared concerns and worries.  Across the A&A Studios site, our sister company and advice site, you will find invaluable guidance on how to cope with hair loss, hair loss treatment suggestions, a selection of hairpieces, wigs and pieces for men, ladies wigs and advice for young people.  It is often the case however that a problem shared is a problem halved.  It always helps to speak to someone directly and our experts are here to provide knowledgeable advice and support.  At A&A, we guarantee that you can share your concerns confidentially – so if you’re experiencing hair loss, please get in touch with us today.  The good news is, the sooner you seek help, the sooner you can overcome the problem.

A&A Studios provides hair loss advice


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