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leavesOnWaterAmanda had worn ordinary wigs for years until the Freedom wig transformed her world...

A&A were delighted to receive a letter from one of our clients, Amanda, whose life had been forever changed after being fitted wth a Freedom wig.

"I will always be eternally grateful to both of you for introducing me to my fabulous Freedom wig and I wish to take this opportunity to thank you both very sincerely.  I wake up happy every day as the quality of my life has changed beyond recognition.  Instead of suffering the trauma of wearing an ordinary wig, I now feel as though I have been given the gift of a beautiful head of hair with my new Freedom wig and I thank God for letting me get to know you both..."


“Freedom” is an excellent word to describe my new head of beautiful hair:

  • I have freedom to walk in the wind without fear in the knowledge my hair is securely affixed to my scalp naturally (without the use of tape or elastic which caused ridges in my scalp often leading to bleeding and headaches).  I no longer have ridges in my scalp and the headaches have gone.
  • Freedom to shake my head and feel my hair move naturally.
  • Freedom to sit while others stand over or pass me, allowing them to admire my scalp and lovely hair.
  • Freedom of never having to wear hairspray every day to hold my hair in place.
  • Freedom of never having to worry that the net of the base is showing.
  • Freedom to wash and style my hair, having been expertly cut and styled by Linda in the A&A Studio salon.

My only wish is that I had been given this wonderful gift sooner and for this reason I would like you to add my comments to your website – and pass on this letter to any would be customers especially parents.  I have worn wigs for 54 years since losing my hair as a small child due to the sudden death of my father and would strongly urge anyone requiring a wig to seriously consider the immense, priceless benefits of a Freedom wig.

Life is very much happier and easier with a Freedom wig.

Once again, thank you for the care and personal attention I always receive from you and your team of professionals.

Yours sincerely,