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thumbStuartStuart found a hair loss solution that he hadn’t considered before…

“I was in the middle of a haircut, at the age of 19, when my hairdresser pointed out hair thinning at the back of my head.  I hadn’t noticed anything at all.  Even then, I didn’t think there was a problem – I was too young, my hair wasn’t going to fall out...

But the thinning didn’t stop.  I started styling my hair in a certain way to try and hide the loss.  There was no way I was going to shave my head – I was too young not to have hair!  So I got into wearing hats.  I wore them so often, I became known for wearing hats but there was one problem: I couldn’t wear hats at work.  It wasn’t long before I started losing my confidence – folk my own age were staring at me.  Unable to hide my hair loss completely, I stopped going out at weekends.  I felt pretty low.

By the time I reached 21, I was convinced a hair transplant was the answer.  I’d done about a year of research and even put down a deposit for the surgery.  Despite everything I’d read that I might not be an ideal candidate, I was determined to go ahead with the operation.  However, something inside me made me realise it wasn’t going to work and, at the last minute, I pulled out.


Desperate, I went to a clinic in Glasgow but within minutes of walking in the door, they pressured me to set up a direct debit for a hair loss cream treatment, Rogaine.  I walked out in disbelief and disappointment.

I wasn’t living at home at the time so only a close friend knew about my hair problems and he was really supportive.  Finally, at the age of 23, I shaved off all my hair.  I knew it probably looked so much better and that I wouldn’t have to worry about styling it so much but I still felt I was far too young not to have hair.

I was looking up ‘hair loss’ on the net when I found some images of something called Cyberhair.  It’s a hair system that looks and acts just like real hair.  The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pics were incredible - I literally could not believe how realistic Cyberhair looked.  Seeing those pictures were a turning point for me.  I stumbled across A&A Studios by accident and made an appointment.  I was so nervous during the first call that I pretended to enquire about extensions…!

My first consultation was with Mark Theurer who explained how Cyberhair worked.  I knew instantly I wanted the hair system - and I even tried to put down a payment there and then - but Mark wanted me to go away and have a think about it.  I felt so comfortable that I thought about it for a nanosecond and came back to A&A Studios with my answer: I wanted to go ahead.

Making that decision completely and utterly changed my life.  I mean literally.  Within six months of getting Cyberhair, I had found a new job, my salary had doubled and I was living in a new flat.  My confidence was back and it was like I was living a different life.

With Cyberhair, I can do anything I like: I go swimming, hit the gym four times a week, go on holiday – you name it!  I don’t make a big deal out of my hair loss.  I work with 18 women who know my hair isn’t real and even they forget.  For example, last summer, when I decided to wear my hair a bit longer with highlights, the compliments came flooding in.  I have to remind others that my hair isn’t real which is great!  It’s been three years since I first got Cyberhair - and I’ve never, ever looked back…”