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Alopecia is the name given to the condition of hair loss which affects many people and often occurs in otherwise healthy individuals at any age. This is especially true of Alopecia Areata which is probably the most common form and starts as a small area of hair loss which often goes unnoticed.  According to Alopecia UK, around 1.7% of the UK population are affected by alopecia. 

In some cases, the problem can worsen and the whole scalp can be affected.  There are more than half a dozen forms of alopecia and the cause is believed to be an auto-immune disorder which mistakenly attacks hair follicles. If the condition is detected at an early stage, its effect can very often be minimised.



A&A offers a number of treatment approaches which vary according to your own lifestyle factors. 

For in-depth information on hair loss conditions and the wider range of treatments available, go to our hair advice site.

If treatment isn’t the answer, please don’t worry.  Nowadays, there are many hair replacement solutions that are incredibly realistic.  Available in real hair or soft synthetic hair, ready-to-wear or custom-made, our choices are suitable for men, women and children.

Hair Replacement Solutions

"I wake up happy every day as the quality of my life has changed beyond recognition.  My only wish is that I'd known about Freedom Hair™ sooner..." - Amanda, Carlisle

We make every effort to ensure we source the best, most innovative and realistic hair pieces for every customer.  Our aim is to help you lead a happy, active life which is why we’re delighted to offer you:

  • Real hair extensions suitable for adding volume to existing hair
  • Hair Integration – a new approach to thinning hair which blends real hair with your own for added volume
  • Soft, synthetic hairpieces and wigs in the very latest styles for men and women
  • Follea® hairpieces – suitable for total hair loss, this is a high-fashion, European hair range.  Each piece is fitted with a special non-slip base and available in an assortment of natural colours and styles
  • Special custom-made real hairpieces for young people

If you need advice, please get in touch now. Or make an appointment to see us at our Edinburgh centre and start on your road to recovery today…

What other alopecia clients say ...

Our hair replacement solutions have transformed the lives of wearers.  For instance, Donna Schillaci’s life changed forever when she discovered the Freedom® wig (pictured below).  Read more Success Stories here.



Luxury Follea ® range for total hair loss


HairMANia realistic pieces for men


Custom-made products for children with alopecia