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Hair Pieces

A&A Studios stocks one of the UK's largest ranges hair pieces for men, women and children. A hair piece is a great way of restoring your full head of hair without the need for a full coverage wig. And, most importantly, gone are the days of conspicuous toupees and 'rug-like' textures. Advances in technology mean that, these days, hair pieces often look and feel better than natural hair!

Hair pieces range from partial pieces, clip-in additions (e.g. ponytails, fringes), real hair extensions to custom-made, fuller hair pieces.

Manufactured using breathable and fine materials with quality real or synthetic hair, our hair pieces are always from respected global brands which include Cyberhair® for men (link to men's hair replacement) and partial pieces from Amore, Noriko and Trendco – to name just a few! You can view all the ranges here - Hair Pieces, Wigs and Hair Systems - or visit the selection at our online store Natural Wigs.

Want to restore your 'normal' look?

Many individuals come to us with a picture of how they looked before their hair loss problem. If we can, we'll make every effort to try and replicate your look. This might mean that a custom-made hair system or piece is required. If a custom-made solution is agreed, we'll take your head measurements and discuss your choice of hair colour and style. In most cases, hair pieces can be cut, coloured and highlighted according to your needs.

For men, we offer Cyberhair® - click Mens Hair Replacement) for more info - also ready-to-wear systems in real hair or fibre. For women, click Hair Integration for a popular, non-surgical choice which blends real hair with your own.

With proper care, a good custom-made system or hair piece can last for years. If you're considering ways in which to restore your natural look, or would like professional advice, please make an appointment here – we'd like to help you today!

hair pieces for men and women

The revolutionary Cyberhair® for men