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Hair Replacement for Men

Hair loss, hair thinning and baldness are very common amongst males.  Causes include genetics, medical conditions or general health problems but don’t worry, we can help you. 

The truth is, technology has advanced so far, that regaining a full head of hair has never been more accessible.  Add to this fact that the skills of our male directors match even the most experienced hair technicians elsewhere in the UK and you can be sure you’ve come to the right place…

So, if you’re one of the many men who would rather be with a head of hair than without, what are your options?

Take the first step ...

The great news is we offer highly effective hair replacement solutions that you won’t find in many other UK hair advice centres.  The first step is to set up a discreet, no-obligation consultation with one of our male consultants.  This appointment involves an in-depth analysis of your scalp and any natural hair plus a discussion on possible short or long-term solutions described below...

Advanced Hair System - Cyberhair®

For many years, artificial hairpieces or human hair systems have been the cornerstone of men’s hair replacement.  Some of these hairpieces, we admit, don’t look as good as the real thing.

However, thanks to advances in technology, A&A is now able to offer revolutionary Cyberhair® .

NEW! Check out the amazing results of Cyberhair® in the short video below.

What is Cyberhair®?

Cyberhair® is an outstanding new type of hair that looks as good as – but is more resilient than – human hair.  In fact, a recent survey showed that 95% of wearers who converted to Cyberhair® were unlikely to return back to human or basic synthetic hair.

The reasons customers prefer Cyberhair® are:

  • Ease of styling/grooming - the polyamide fibre of which Cyberhair® performs more naturally in windy and wet conditions and always keeps its style

  • Durability – Cyberhair has twice the durability of processed human hair and is stronger than synthetic fibres, which means it has the capability to withstand more stress.

  • Colour stability - compared to regular human hair products, the average Cyberhair® will fade less than half a shade over 12 months. This performance is five times better than any human hair product

Without doubt, Cyberhair® has proven to be the most dependable replacement product ever produced.

Those who have purchased the product once go on to do so again… In fact, since the introduction of Cyberhair®, no new hair or fibres have been produced to equal or even compare to Cyberhair®’s unique performance capabilities.

How can Cyberhair® help you?

Because Cyberhair® can be colour-matched, cut and highlighted virtually any way you like, the hair system has literally transformed the lives of many males across the UK. 

It is also a viable alternative to those who discover they are not a suitable candidate for a hair transplant.  We never hesitate to recommend Cyberhair® to men looking for long-term hair replacement. 

The realistic fibres of Cyberhair transform the look of many of our customers including Stuart, pictured below.  Read his Success Story here.

An example of Cyberhair

Want to know more about Cyberhair®?

A&A is the only stockist in Scotland to offer Cyberhair® products. If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to set up a no-obligation appointment, call us now.

Custom-made hair Replacement Units

We also offer a custom-made service which involves designing a bespoke hair system to suit you.  At A&A, our male directors take care great in capturing the appropriate colour, hair density and finished style. We also believe that the art of hair replacement rests in the talent of the stylist who creates and delivers a final image in which you’re 100% confident.

bradReady-to-Wear Units

Nowadays, ready-to-wear units are incredibly realistic and we only stock premium quality pieces.  Our current range HairMANia offers a host of modern styles in specially-blended, realistic colours.

View the full HairMANia range here.


covercreamsCover Creams

Cover creams and spray products are ideal for those with thinning hair and want a short-term solution with instant results.  The cream or spray works by applying the product directly onto the thinning area, giving the illusion of a denser, thicker appearance.

Further Help

You may feel that your hair problem requires further attention. If so, resident Trichologist Karen Harrison, L.T.T.S. is a medically-qualified hair/scalp specialist and is happy to help.

If you want to talk to us about your hair thinning or hair loss problems, click here. All consultations will be treated in the strictest of confidence.