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Hair Replacement for Women

For most women, hair is an important part of female identity. Suffering hair loss or alopecia has a dramatic psychological impact and can be devastating.

The good news is that there are lots of hair replacement options to help restore your confidence and get on with life. Our sophisticated products are ideal for short term hair loss e.g. while undergoing chemotherapy treatment and long term conditions such as alopecia totalis.

Each year, we help thousands of women find a hair replacement product that suits their personality, style and lifestyle. With a range of on-trend cuts, brilliant colour options (including highlights and lowlights), real hair or realistic ready-to-wear pieces, there really is something for every woman. In fact, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll make it for you!

Thanks to our expert female team and one of the widest hair replacement ranges in the UK, we’re ready to help you overcome hair loss today.

We offer:

  • Real hair extensions suitable for adding volume to existing hair
  • Hair Integration – a new approach to thinning hair which blends real hair with your own for added volume
  • Soft, synthetic hairpieces and wigs in the very latest styles
  • Follea® hair pieces – suitable for total hair loss, this is a high-fashion, European hair range. Each piece is fitted with a special non-slip base and available in an assortment of natural colours and styles
  • Special custom-made, full coverage real hair pieces
  • From carefully-designed full hair wigs down to small, partial hair pieces, we can help answer your individual problem, whatever your type of hair. Contact us for more information.


Innovation at A&A Studios

Our female clients are looking for hair pieces that look and feel fabulous. The closer a hair piece looks to your real hair, the better. Hair technology is constantly advancing and it’s our mission to offer the most innovative wigs and hair replacement products available on the market. That’s why we work closely with world-leading, hair replacement experts like Aderans.

At A&A Studios, we’re also proud to be the one of the few suppliers to offer Follea Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair™ and Cyberhair®. 

Follea Wigs