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Hair Replacement for Young People

Growing up is difficult enough without experiencing hair loss too.  These are the years when ‘fitting in’ is particularly important – and without a full head of hair, children or teenagers can feel ‘different’ or isolated.

The good news is there are ways to help reduce negative experiences of hair loss.  These can include:

  • talking about it as soon as possible.  This allows the young person to express their fears and find a way of dealing with the inevitable hair loss at an early stage
  • going online to find stories of other young people’s hair loss.  Reading further real-life experiences reassures the sufferer that they are not alone.  There are books available especially designed to talk to young people about hair loss which can also help
  • experimenting with different looks using stylish scarves, accessories or hats to alleviate the problem.  If other family members buy the same accessory, this can also help reduce the individual’s feelings of isolation
  • joining a local support group to benefit from mutual help, support, advice and encouragement

Hairpieces and Wigs

Helping individuals regain a full head of hair that looks great is our priority.  However, hair replacement isn't always straightforward - many young people find it difficult to source a suitable hair piece or style that really suits them.  Nowadays, ready-to-wear and custom-made wigs made from real hair* are very popular because of the flexible styling options.  These 100% human hair wigs are incredibly realistic, easy to style and maintain.

* Real hair wigs are only prescribed in certain cases by the NHS when deemed clinically necessary.

Our team for young people with hair loss

At A&A Studios, our team of youthful hair experts are specially-trained to provide friendly advice and assistance for young people.  They will also help find the best hairstyle which can be cut, coloured and styled whichever way you like!

Specialist youth consultant Magz recently helped young client Abbie (pictured below) and gave an interview to the Edinburgh Evening News about how delighted and happy she is with her hair!


 You can read the full interview here.

We are also active supporters of The Little Princess Trustand Teenage Cancer Trust. Through these charities, A&A Studios offers practical help to any young person experiencing hair loss, regardless of their condition

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If you’d like to come in and see us or have a chat, please feel free to give us a call.  Initial consultations are FREE and we'd love to help you.