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Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrow transplantationRoll over to view the after shotEyebrows are an important feature because they ‘balance’ or add symmetry to a person’s face.  However, loss of eyebrow hair can easily occur and its effects are often permanent.  Thankfully, there are several ways to remedy this type of hair loss which can include: full eyebrow restoration; transplantation to extend the eyebrow out or adding density to brows.  Nowadays, eyebrow restoration is increasingly common and can completely transform a person’s overall appearance.

How does it work?

As with all hair transplant procedures, the success of eyebrow restoration relies on the quality of donor hair which, in this case, is taken from the back of the scalp.  Usually, 200-300 graft s are used for one set of female eyebrows and 300-400 grafts for a set of male eyebrows.  After a minimal recovery period, eyebrows will start to grow again.  This means that ongoing maintenance and trimming are required – a small price to pay for having a full set of eyebrows again!

Dr Shahmalak is an experienced hair transplant surgeon and highly skilled at the above restoration plus beard and moustache restoration and scar revision following multiple hair transplants. 

If you’re interested in discussing any of these procedures, please contact us.

Eyelash Transplants

Eyelash transplantationRoll over to view the after shotNot only do eyelashes perform a valuable function by protecting the eye from unwanted grit and dirt, they also add an ‘aesthetic’ quality to a person’s face.  In the world of beauty, full eyelashes are considered an asset as they complete or frame a person’s look.  Without eyelashes, individuals can feel like there’s something missing.

In many cases, the loss of eyelashes can be due to a physical trauma caused by e.g. a serious accident, traction alopecia or a medical condition.  Although eyelash transplants can be performed for either medical or cosmetic reasons, like any surgical procedure, the technique carries certain risks.  Dr Shahmalak, who performed the UK’s first eyelash transplant, describes the procedure in more details here.

If it is agreed that you are an ideal candidate for surgery, an eyelash transplant can transform your look and boost your confidence...!

How does it work?

Donor hairs are sourced and matched from other areas of the body.  These are carefully removed and implanted into the eyelash line where they will continue to grow.  The ‘new’ eyelash hairs usually need maintained in two ways: curled to emulate the original eyelashes and regularly trimmed to retain their desired length.

Advances in technology have made eyelash transplants a very effective, permanent resolution to the loss of eyelashes. 

View Dr Shahmalak performing an eyelash transplant (courtesy of ITV News):



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