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Halo Hair Extensions


We’ve seen a LOT of real hair extensions over the years but when Halo came along, we simply had to stock this product and bring it to you!  These extensions are beautiful, simple to apply and the INSTANT results are stunning.

Halo real hair extensions are based on a really clever, simple idea.  Using 100% Indian Remy human hair (in other words, the best quality hair!) attached to an adjustable miracle ‘Halo’ wire, the extensions are placed on your head and blended with your own hair.  The Halo is one of the fastest and most effective hair extension products available and it comes with a lifetime warranty too.

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How a halo works

Without Halo

The Halo works with most hairstyles!

Halo In

Simply place the Halo on your head, sitting firmly and comfortably on your crown.


Pull your own hair over the miracle wire and brush the Halo through to blend in with your own hair!

Guidance Videos

How to apply your Halo

Wearing your Halo is so easy. Watch and see how easy it is to apply your Halo– and have gorgeous long hair in seconds!

Want to adjust your Halo?

It’s simple to adjust Halo hair extensions….here’s how you do it:

"The Halo is actually a breakthrough in me wearing hair extensions! It's so simple to put in - even if you are in a rush in the morning! Would 100% recommend, it’s the easiest way to longer hair!"
Charli, Cardiff

“I used to be so embarrassed about how poor my hair was – I’d tie it up because I couldn’t face looking at it.  Now thanks to the Halo – which takes seconds to put on - my hair looks longer and thicker and I feel ready to face everyone!”
Carol, Edinburgh

Halo are award winning extensions!