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A&A hair loss clinic joins forces with Trendco

TrendcoIt’s always been A&A Studio’s aim to improve our hair replacement services, increase team training and widen our expertise.  This can only be done by learning from the very best in the world of hair loss and hair restoration.  That’s why we turned to Trendco, one of the world’s leading hair loss providers, to help us achieve our goals.  In fact, Trendco liked working with us so much they’ve decided to make A&A Studios part of their UK (and indeed global) network.  By joining such a respected and admired organisation, we now have access to many more quality real hair pieces, hair loss solutions and other hair restoration products.  Further training for our team is also planned!  Because of our skills and wide range of hair loss services, we’re delighted that clients travel from all over the UK to see us – and now we’ve given people another reason to come to us first with their concerns.  So if you’re experiencing hair loss problems, please get in touch with us today.


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Alopecia - more common than you think?

A&A Studios can help those with alopecia

At A&A Studios, we see many different types of hair loss and different degrees of the problem. Some clients experience mild hair thinning, other patchy hair loss and others total hair loss. What is constant however is that the number of those with hair loss is increasing. While causes differ, the most common are genetic, medical treatment, auto-immune disorders and stress. For instance, alopecia is affecting very young children to the older generation. As a leading UK hair loss clinic, A&A Studios offers a wide range of hair replacement solutions delivered by specially trained hair loss experts. No hair loss problem is too big or small for us to approach.  In fact, a lot of our hair restoration services aren't available elsewhere.  All we ask is: the sooner you realise there's a problem, the sooner you should contact us. That way, we're in a better position to help you. The truth is, if you’re experiencing a form of alopecia, you are definitely not alone. A&A Studios is ready and willing to help you today.


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Sentoo ladies wigs - now online here at best price!

Sentoo wigs by Natural WigsThe Sentoo range, which specialises in luxury real hair and fibre ladies wigs, is now available to buy online!  This exclusive collection features a range of styles in rich colours, suitable for every face shape. Made from the best quality materials, each piece is hand-tied with an invisible lace front and monofilament base.  With a slightly more petite base than standard, the Sentoo range is designed to fit like a glove.  Check out Natsu, a chic feathered short cut with fabulous highlights.  We’re delighted that these products are now available online from but the best part is that you won’t find them available at a better price anywhere else.  So, why not treat yourself to an incredibly beautiful ladies wig from Sentoo today?  We know you’ll turn heads for the right reasons!  And remember, if you're looking for a hair replacement solution, whoever you are, we can help you today...


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