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"Welcome to the Trichology page.  Trichology, derived from the Greek word ‘Trichos’ meaning hair, is the study of the hair and scalp.  As a professional trichologist, I’ve treated many hair and scalp disorders which can occur at any stage in life.  However, the best advice I can give you is that nothing equals a personal consultation to help diagnose your problem. Hair and scalp conditions are often connected to personal factors, stress, poor nutrition and so on.  So, in my experience, an individual assessment of your overall wellbeing is recommended. If you think a personal consultation would suit you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at A&A Studios.  I promise you’ll be looked after and advised on the best way forward to alleviate your concerns.”

Best wishes,

Karen Harrison, L.T.T.S.

A Trichology session explained ...

Hair health

Hair is what’s known as an ‘extremity point’.  In other words, because it is not considered an essential body part, hair naturally gets less nutrition than other areas.  So, if you are in poor health, the body will literally absorb whatever nutrition it can – and the hair gets the leftovers!

 Care should be taken to make sure your hair receives as many nutrients as possible.  Nutrients can be absorbed in many ways - via food, natural supplements or specialist hair care products from our range.

Approaches to healthy hair and scalp

In addition to a dermatologist, Karen Harrison can prescribe approaches that include medical treatment, natural remedies, alternative therapies and nutritional advice.  Every plan is tailor made to your preferences and lifestyle.

What to do next…

It’s important to remember that many scalp conditions can be prevented or cured.  The earlier you seek advice, the better your chances of finding a remedy.  Call us today to book your trichology appointment. An individual consultation lasts 1½ hours at a cost of £60.

For in-depth medical advice on scalp conditions and treatments, visit our hair advice site.  You can also learn more on the subject from The Trichological Society